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Our cupcakes are "Crazy Delicious!"

Online Orders

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NOTE: Not all flavors are available every day. Please see our Cupcake Flavors section on this page. A minimum of 1 dozen full size cupcakes or 2 dozen minis is required on flavors requested that are not served on the day of your order placement.

Be sure to ask about our delivery options! 

You will see an option to add your order specifics on the "Review Your Information" page right after you enter & submit your credit card information.  This is where you will add your flavors or any special instructions pertaining to your order.  SEE A SAMPLE

We now offer cupcakes in a jar! The perfect gift idea for all occassions!!
Custom orders are our specialty!


Cupcakes & Minis

$2.75 ea. or ($30 dozen)

  • Awesome Chocolate$2.95 ea. 
  • Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.
  • Awesome Vanilla$2.95 ea. 
  • Vanilla cupcake with creamy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.
  • Chocolate Decadence$2.95 ea. 
  • Chocolate cupcake with a sweet Raspberry filling topped with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and a Chocolate Ganache Drizzle.
  • Red Velvet$2.95 ea. 
  • Sweet velvety light chocolate cupcake with a traditional Cream Cheese Frosting a southern classic!
  • Cocoa Loco$2.95 ea. 
  • Chocolate cupcake with and Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss in the center topped with Chocolate Frosting and a Chocolate Ganache Drizzle.
  • Key Lime$2.95 ea. 
  • Cool Key Lime cupcake with a refreshing Lime Frosting.
  • Dreamy Chocolate$2.95 ea. 
  • Chocolate cupcake with a Creamy Fluffy White Icing and a Chocolate Ganache Drizzle.
  • Sun Kissed$2.95 ea. 
  • A refreshing light lemon cupcake with a tangy lemon frosting.
  • It's a Sunshiny Day!$2.95 ea. 
  • Lemon cupcake with a delicious lemon filling and a light lemon frosting.
  • OrangeYaGladtoSeeMe?$2.95 ea. 
  • Orange cupcake with a refreshing orange frosting.
  • Nutty Professor$2.95 ea. 
  • Banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting a drizzle of caramel & topped with nuts.
  • Oh, Berry!$2.95 ea. 
  • Strawberry cupcake with a fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting.
  • Crazy for Carrots$2.95 ea. 
  • Wonderful carrot cake cupcake with nuts and pineapples topped with a traditional cream cheese frosting.
  • Coo-Coo-Ca-Choo$2.95 ea. 
  • Chocolate cupcake with a white Buttercream frosting topped with lightly sweetened coconut.
  • and many more...Just ask! 

Bundt Cakes, Mini Bundts & Specialty

$29.95 ea. (12") or ($2.25 for minis)

    Bundt Cakes & Mini Bundts
  • Apple 
  • Banana 
  • Cinnamon Swirl 
  • Cream Cheese Poundcake 
  • Lemon 
  • Pineapple 
  • White Chocolate 
Specialty Items
  • Muffins$2.95 
  • Lemon Bars$2.00 
  • Caramel Nut Brownies$2.00 
  • Cupcake Pops$1.95 
  • and much much more...Just Ask! 

Cupcake Flavors

*Indicates Premium Flavors 
  • Daily Flavors: Vanilla Sq., Chocolate Sq., Blonde Moment, Dynamic Duo, Red Velvet
  • Monday: Coconut, Sunkissed, It's a Sunshiny Day*
  • Tuesday: Orangeyagladtoseeme, Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Caramel Filled*
  • Wednesday: Cherry Limeade, Maple Cinnamon, Maple Cinnamon Pecan, Chocolate Raspberry*
  • Thursday: Double the Fun (marble), Coo Coo-ca-Choo, White Chocolate Raspberry*, Cherry Vanilla
  • Friday: Key Lime, Carrot, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Mocha Caramel Filled*
  • Saturday: Mocha Cappuccino, Boston Cream Pie*, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cocoa Loco*
  • Sunday: Oh Berry!, Nutty Professor (Banana), Italian Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise*
  • Seasonal Flavors: Great Pumpkin, Chocolate Peppermint, Cherry Lemonade